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If you're looking for a curious cat that loves to play and explore, Anastasia is your girl! Not only is she a charmer, coming when called and ready to greet visitors, she's also laid back and spends a portion of her day curled up in the sun. She's particularly fond of relaxing by open windows where she can watch wildlife and feel the breeze rustle her fur. While she can be wary of loud, sudden noises, she's well-adjusted and can find the perfect hiding spots to reassure her she's safe in your home.

In terms of play, Anastasia loves her favorite wand and mice toys. But, if you don't have one at the ready, even a simple hallway runner will do! Running down hallways and making the area rugs bunch up is one of her top-ranked pastimes. She also always wants to be involved with what you're doing and will sit at the window to watch when you're enjoying yourself outdoors.

Anastasia is a well-rounded, affectionate, and social cat that's ready to be your loving companion!

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