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Alma and Vasco

Alma and Vasco

Meet Alma and Vasco, a peppy brother-sister duo who love life, love each other, and are ready to love you.

Sweet Alma laps up physical affection, loves to be around people, and enjoys hopping onto the couch with you so she can beat her brother to all the pets. She’s prone to getting spooked, but as soon as you touch her, she’s off and purring. A tiny girl with the prettiest eyes, Alma likes crawling into small spaces and getting comfy. Another favorite pastime? Playing with her beloved brother.

Active Vasco is a charmer who follows his foster dad around and accepts belly rubs while being held like a baby. It takes all of half a second to get his purr motor running once he’s in your arms. Says foster dad, “He's got such an innocent face when he looks at you and just makes you want to come pet him and pick him up.”

Both these babies are highly energetic and playful. When they’re not chasing each other, they entertain themselves with balls, their feather cat dancer, boxes (Alma’s preference), and scraps of paper or plastic (Vasco’s jam). These kitties are nibblers—light and playful love nips—and their foster parents are working with them to leave things like plants and phone cables untasted.

Most of all, these siblings love each other. Alma will meow when she doesn’t know where Vasco is, and the two can often be found scampering after one another.

If you’re looking to fill your home with affection, frisky exuberance, and unbridled kinetic joy, say hello to Alma and Vasco.

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